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Why run staff development training?

Your staff are your biggest asset. Good staff leaving your organization costs money – and time. Studies show that staff who are encouraged, trained, valued and supported are more likely to stay and grow within your organization. Staff development training helps employees to improve their skills and to feel valued. It helps employers to retain good staff, save on the costs of rehiring and retraining, develop employees to their full potential and improve profit and productivity. Win – Win.

Why work with me?

My point of difference is my engaging training style – I am approachable, inclusive and strive to make training clear and interactive. I also have a strong focus on achieving the expected outcomes of the training.

My experience

Recruitment, Learning and Development

  • Development of training materials to meet outcomes, and cater to the varied learning styles of students
  • Developing e-learning content for new inductees
  • Performance Management and Coaching
  • Training both small and large groups
  • Working with varied participants from company Executives to high school students and everything in between.

The staff development training is a 3 hour course designed to be relevant, inclusive, interactive and to the point. It covers the following topics; Your “Why”, building trust within a team, effective communication and conflict resolution, teamwork, taster to DISC behavioural profiling, and keeping the motivation. Below is an outline on what is covered in each topic.

Self awareness – Uncovering your “Why”

The why of any organization is at the forefront of what they do. But there is more to the why, than just this. Ensuring that the why of each employee is uncovered, fostered and aligns with the company goals is paramount in ensuring company objectives are met. This topic helps employees to uncover their why, their values and their alignment with the company values. It keeps the “why” in the forefront of the employees mind too.

Building trust within your team

After the why, trust within a team is the 2nd most important thing. Without a team that trusts and relies on each other, good teamwork is hard to establish and foster. In this topic we will discover the things that diminish trust and how to strengthen it.

Effective communication and conflict resolution

Now that we know our why, and we have some strategies for building trust, the next topic to explore is communicating effectively. Communicating can be challenging as we consider different communication styles and methods for communicating. In this topic we will explore communication styles and body language, and look at how to close the communication gap.

Teamwork – Bringing it all together

Teamwork is a must for any organization to meet their goals. However, people don’t work well together if trust is not firstly established. In this topic we will explore good teamwork practices, what makes a good team and explore approaches for establishing and strengthening as a team.

Taster to DISC behavioural profiling

DISC behavioural profiling is a behavioural profiling tool that initially requires staff to complete a 24 question questionnaire. Once the questionnaire is completed, the preferred behavioural style (dominance, influence, steadiness or compliance) of the staff member is generated. We then discuss the key strengths and limitations of each style, and which style best fits which roles. 

Maintaining Motivation

In this topic we will revisit the why, learn strategies for maintaining motivation when life inevitably throws those curve balls, or we have simply had enough. Motivation is bound to diminish at times, but in this topic we will learn how to regain it, when it inevitably fades.


To book your staff into the Staff Development Training, click the link below and complete the form. Upon receiving your completed form, we will reply to you via email to confirm the booking time, date, location and number of participants. We will also issue you with an invoice for a booking deposit (20% of the total fee) to secure your training, as well as the terms of service.


$299 per participant if you undertake the Staff Development Training in October, November and December 2019 – saving you $200 off the regular price of $499