Strategic Consulting, Coaching & Training Services

Coaching Packages

Package 1: Delivered over 6 sessions

What to expect during the session

The session is a coaching session, with Neuro-linguistic programming and Time Line Therapy techniques used. The session runs for 60 - 90 minutes and can be delivered face to face or via Skype. During the session you will ah ha moments (which at times can feel uncomfortable) - but this is what makes an effective session (in the words of Dr Phil - "You can't change what you don't acknowledge") I also wouldn't be a very effective coach is I didn't (gently) help you to move forward and call out what is preventing that.The session is NOT a counselling session, chit-chat or spending an hour talking about problems. The session is designed to bring about immediate change and results for the client. 

Investment and packages

Each session is $250 + GST. While you are welcome to book one session to get a "taster", booking one off sessions here and there is not the most effective way to embark on your journey of change, and therefore I don't offer one off sessions here and there, after your first session. If you wish to continue working with me, I offer 6 session packages, for the following investment;

6 sessions per individual - $1500 + GST paid upfront

6 sessions per individual - $130 + GST per week, for 12 weeks (on direct debit)

The sessions can be at weekly, fortnightly or monthly regularity - we can discuss what works best for you.

Package 2: Breakthrough Session

A breakthrough session is essentially a full day of coaching to blast through everything that is holding you back, using NLP and timeline therapy. It starts prior to the session with me sending you through a questionnaire to get a better understanding of your situation.

The face to face breakthrough starts with me spending the first 2 hours asking you strategic questions to understand your personal detailed history. We then take a short break so that I can make sure that I fully understand your situation and put together a clear game plan for the remaining 6 hours. This includes the most effective techniques that will clean up your barriers, and breaks to allow you to integrate. The remainder of the session is all about breaking down those barriers and setting very clear, strategic goals for the future.

It is structured over a full day, with a 60 - 90 minute follow up session to pull out any small weeds that have cropped up. Think of the breakthrough as completely digging out a garden, and planting a whole bunch of new plants. When this happens a weed or two might still pop up, and that is why there is a follow up session.

How it can benefit you

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly coaching is excellent. But imagine the power of a full, uninterrupted day, completely focused on you. It is  an opportunity to bring EVERYTHING to the table and work through it all


$1500 + GST for the full day breakthrough session plus the 60 - 90 minute follow up session. Payment can either be made in full, or with a $300 + GST deposit and payment plan of $100 + GST per week over 12 week.

If you find that you don’t need the 60 - 90 minute session because nothing has popped up for you, I will instead gift you a $250 voucher to share with someone else, toward their breakthrough session.

How to find out more or secure your session

Send me an email at [email protected] for more information and I can either answer your questions via email, or organise a time to chat on the phone.

I heard an incredible quote recently that said “Good Leaders, and people who really want to change their lives, make quick decisions and take immediate action.” If this is you and you just know that you want to book your breakthrough session, email me and we will get it set up.