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The full consulting package is designed to incorporate DISC behavioural profiling, an NLP coaching session, and further training which I write and deliver based on themes uncovered during the discovery sessions. The full consulting package is exactly that - a full consultancy service, for your staff, to better equip them to deliver amazing results for your business. Below is an overview of what is covered and how it works

Discovery Session - 2 hours in duration

DISC Behavioural Profile

The first part of the discovery session involves completing a DISC Behavioural profile with the individual

DISC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. These are the four categories of preferred behavioural styles exhibited by people.

Dominance (direct, assertive, competitive)

Influence (outgoing, sociable, likeable)

Steadiness (persistent, patient, sympathetic)

Compliance (practical, procedural, precise)

In a working context, DISC is extremely beneficial in working out the strengths, limitations and preferences of each staff member, as well as any adaptations that the staff member would need to make to better perform in their role. DISC can also be used in a variety of other contexts.

1:1 Coaching Session

The second part of the discovery session is a 1-1.5 hour coaching session with the individual. Using proven Neuro - Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, I then work with the individual to identify anything that is holding them back, work through those limitations, and set goals for the future. The coaching session is NOT a chit chat session - it is designed to get immediate results for the individual

Further Training

Often during the discovery session common themes are uncovered that require further training. This service is totally optional, and involves me writing and delivering the further training to staff, providing them with extra tools to continue on their journey of excellence. 


Discovery session per person (2 hours in duration) $499 + GST per person

Further training - $1500 + GST per day (unlimited number of attendees)