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What is DISC Behavioural Profiling?

DISC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. These are the four categories of preferred behavioural styles exhibited by people.

Dominance (direct, assertive, competitive)

Influence (outgoing, sociable, likeable)

Steadiness (persistent, patient, sympathetic)

Compliance (practical, procedural, precise)

In a working context, DISC is extremely beneficial in working out the strengths, limitations and preferences of each team member, as well as any adaptations that the team member would need to make to better perform in their role. DISC can also be used in a variety of other contexts;

  • During recruitment to ascertain a potential candidates match to the role in which they have applied
  • For students who are currently studying to compare their DISC profile to the expectations of their chosen career
  • When deciding between multiple staff members for a promotion - the DISC profile of the role can be compared to the DISC profile of each team member
  • When establishing teams to ensure that each team member is a good fit to the team, based on their DISC profile
  • Used as a building block for a range of training such as team development, assertiveness training, communication skills, conflict management, sales training, and customer service training
  • During staff appraisals as a catalyst for further coaching
  • In a change management context when an organisation is going through a restructure

How does DISC profiling work

1. I would collect the full name, email address and job role for comparison, for the individual

2. I then email a link to the individual to complete the DISC questionnaire

3. I then generate a detailed DISC report - see the sample below for what is included

4. I create a snapshot report with recommendations based on the individual's DISC report

5. The detailed DISC report, along with the snapshot of recommendations is emailed to you to discuss with the individual

Note: Turnaround time can be anywhere from 2 hours - 3 working days, from the time the completed questionnaire is received. I am committed to working with organisations to provide DISC reports as quickly as possible, based on your needs.

Bookings and Investment

To book a report, email me at [email protected] In order to generate the report I require the full name, email address and job role for comparison, for each individual. 

The investment is $200 + GST and discounts are also available for multiple orders. Please contact me with your needs and I can give you a quote based on the specific needs of your organisation.