Strategic Consulting, Coaching & Training Services

Complimentary Presentation

The complimentary presentation is 1 hour in duration and covers how to align the vision of your organisation and the vision of your teams. During this presentation I will share some proven strategies on bridging the gap between the organisations goals and the goals of the team members. The aim of the presentation is to start a dialogue to support everyone to reach their desired outcomes. 

Corporate Package 1

  • Team Development Training for unlimited team members

Corporate Package 2


  • 360 degree of feedback completed and collated prior to the first session and at the conclusion of the coaching
  • Skills gap analysis completed prior to the first session
  • Four coaching sessions per selected team member, delivered via Zoom, weekly or fortnightly

Tailored Packages

For a package specifically tailored to your organisation, including training and/or coaching which is one off or ongoing, email me at [email protected] to further discuss your needs